Testimonial Agnes

Dear Monique!
The healing was very very good! Deep and transforming.
I remember when you said we were going upward, to the healing place, I could see that we were leaving the planet and I was in a see-through tunnel, and felt my guides were with me, and also some divine beings assisting me in this healing in particular.
And we entered this huge platform, a see through half sphere, all the med-beds were on the flat part, on the “floor”, and above us the ceiling was half sphere, see through so I could see the sky being very blue and bright, sometimes beautiful white clouds were passing and everything was very clean. Not only neat, but the air, the vibes were so clean, medical clean, I never experienced such cleanness before.
When you were guiding the healing, I could feel tickling, and waves of energies around my body. And what you said, that my second chakra is not that open, and my heart is very open, and my 7th chakra is also open, I felt the same. I was glad my throat chakra was not that bad 😀
When they were scanning me, it was more that I knew they were scanning, but did not feel it physically, there were waves of energies here again.
I could really strongly feel when they were healing my pancreas! Even after the session.
It is a good idea, if someone is having this healing session to have time afterwards, and be able to stay in peace, laying for an hour or so (but I would say at least a half an hour) because the healing does not end when we say goodbye to you Monique, the energies were very high after the session too.
The next day I could still feel that clearing and healing was happening.

Agnes, Hungary

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