Testimonial Kata

Dear Monique
It was wonderful! I loved the whole journey how you got me there. It was so beautiful, special. It was very intense, you were really there, especially at the portal, Stargate.
I felt like the only person that came up to me was Ashtar. I never felt connected to Ashtar. I feel more connected to Lady Nada, Sananda. It definitely was him.
Before the healing started he was there and wanted to welcome us. He was so glad we were there. His presence was so strong. That’s why I couldn’t feel the others. It was his presence. There was this overwhelming joy about the meeting. That was stronger, it was really deep. Like a long-awaited meeting. So when you said we’re going back and we said goodbye and they looked smaller and smaller it brought tears to my eyes. I don’t want to be on Gaia. I wanted to stay there.
I think my healing had to be there, I had to feel them again, all my feelings, I miss them so much, subconsciously. My healing was that meeting, not just the MedBed. The meeting with the beings of light. I couldn’t see her clearly. I felt her. They had beautiful energies, so gentle, so beautiful the way they touched me. With that touch, it reminded me how much I missed them, but also that they are there. It’s much brighter up there. Everything is easier. When you come back you feel this density. It’s terrible. Maybe that’s where I needed to go so I could go through life and continue with my mission.
I think they knew I needed strength.
You guided me with your message. It was really important. So they could contact me through you. You see that I have no more energy. I want to go my journey, my mission to the end. I have no more energy. So it was really important, they gave me energy and strength back. It was good, beautiful, amazing but also sad because you have to come back. No question, we’re going back.
The work you are doing now is really important. To give this to other Lightworkers. I know I still have a lot to do. We’re all stuck in the house. It is so important that they can connect with us in this way.
Since everyone has their baggage, the connection to the galactics is less strong. It’s like the engine stopped. Going nowhere That’s the feeling.
Maybe it’s the incoming energies that are really strong. When they are so strong, we are always tired.
Maybe they want me to take a break to save energy. I know everything will be fine.
I feel much better. I can feel it.

Köszönöm, Kata!

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