About me


Even as a young girl and as a teenager, I loved being in nature and with animals. For half a day I roamed through forests and meadows with my dog ​​and horse, hoping for contact with elves. Unfortunately, this dream did not come true.

In the third dimension I often worked as a teacher in public or private schools. I was also self-employed with Esalen Massage and Apparative Cosmetics.

In 2011 I became curious about the miracles that would be possible from the heart field (the quantum field) and followed the courses of Richard Bartlett and his teaching «Matrix Energetics».

In fact, I’ve been able to work what is commonly referred to as “miracles” for some people. This included, for example, conveying messages from the afterlife, reviving relationships, relieving pain ad hoc or resolving trauma.

Wir schöpfen Kraft aus dem Netz der Liebe um uns herum

In 2016 I met a large international group that introduced me to the world of Priestesses and Ascended Masters and introduced me to ETs for the first time. I embarked on an endless journey in a known – unknown terrain, to which my encounters slowly bring me back and awaken my memories.

In 2021 I became aware of an offer on Instagram that promised me a healing session in a real med bed in a Pleiadian spaceship. Not too much was promised, my appendix was healed and I gained quite a bit of knowledge about myself. Last but not least, Roxy invited me to attend the training with her. Et voilà!

With joy and passion I will also lead you to the med bed and enable you to make contact with your intergalactic team and your starry family. What is allowed to happen happens.

Keep your heart open! I’m looking forward to meeting you! Monique

Earth – Fire – Water – Air
Spring in the forest