Short text Ute

Dear Monique,
you are the most magical travel companion I have ever had.
I felt safe, protected and well cared for at all times. As a relaxation educator, who hears and feels better than she sees, this “dream trip” took me to a kind of fairytale world and childhood feelings were awake – everything was visible and tangible in front of my eyes, simply gigantic!
I have already gotten to know many techniques and a wide variety of mostly female healers, but you, dear Monique, are a particularly sensitive and deep-sighted being. You have found your vocation and those who confide in you are in the best hands, especially since they will then be guided to great healers and their phenomenal techniques.
My back has improved a lot, it rarely hurts badly, I would like to ‘see’ something about my shoulder. The work on body-mind-soul is complex.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart, wish you success and blessings for your valuable work and send a loving hug!

Testimonial Sabine

Med Bed Session with Monique

Thank you for this extraordinary journey into the 5th dimension.
It was a great healing session, full of light, love, ease and joy.
Monique is a very intuitive and seeing companion and the galactic friends on the ship and the scans in the MedBed have been very supportive and activating.
I can heartily recommend Monique’s MedBedSessions!

Sabine, Soulstarcoach, Germany