Testimonial Anja

Travelling With My Light Body To a Med Bed Session

I had the pleasure to have a session with Monique Liem. She is a member of our national healingcenter core team in Switzerland and offers med bed sessions, where you would travel with your light body through different kinds of portals to a plejadien ship. The ship lays outside of our solar system, as far as I perceived it. You are travelling with your light body and under guidance of Monique. So, this is not a physical med bed on earth!
I have to say that this was way more than a med bed session. In my case, the name “med bed session” didn`t do justice to what happened there, as there were so much more great things going on…Every session is different Monique states. The med bed, was in my case almost an aside-thing in that session. The experience of going there, receiving some answers and laying in that medical med was great. I was floating in it. But let’s start from scratch. I take you through my whole experience….

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Short text Ute

Dear Monique,
you are the most magical travel companion I have ever had.
I felt safe, protected and well cared for at all times. As a relaxation educator, who hears and feels better than she sees, this “dream trip” took me to a kind of fairytale world and childhood feelings were awake – everything was visible and tangible in front of my eyes, simply gigantic!
I have already gotten to know many techniques and a wide variety of mostly female healers, but you, dear Monique, are a particularly sensitive and deep-sighted being. You have found your vocation and those who confide in you are in the best hands, especially since they will then be guided to great healers and their phenomenal techniques.
My back has improved a lot, it rarely hurts badly, I would like to ‘see’ something about my shoulder. The work on body-mind-soul is complex.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart, wish you success and blessings for your valuable work and send a loving hug!

Testimonial Sabine

Med Bed Session with Monique

Thank you for this extraordinary journey into the 5th dimension.
It was a great healing session, full of light, love, ease and joy.
Monique is a very intuitive and seeing companion and the galactic friends on the ship and the scans in the MedBed have been very supportive and activating.
I can heartily recommend Monique’s MedBedSessions!

Sabine, Soulstarcoach, Germany

Testimonial Franziska

Dear Monique
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for leading me to my spiritual team! I still revel in the memories and the loving pictures that I was allowed to take home with me.
I can also say at this point that my body feels like a new person, the pain is almost gone and I have complete confidence in continuing on my path and not being alone.
This moment, when I was able to meet my spiritual team in such a real way, touched me with incredible joy and with an inner joy, like when you can hug a loved one again after a long absence. The joy was mutual. You described to me who you see and where, I had identical pictures. I would never have thought it possible that there are so many people helping out.
The beings, my helpers, were so loving and attentive and I wanted to enjoy these touches for as long as possible.
There were a lot of helpers and ascended masters there, they started the healing process. Tears ran down my face from emotion. I already knew them but knowing that they were healing me was so good for me and I was able to give myself to them completely.
My body was still lying on the sofa at home, but now I saw it from far above – the “in between” grew beyond the body and made a connection between the physical body and the light body, that’s how it must feel when you’re multidimensional! We were all one, we are all one! I felt so light, so healthy, so free, so confident. I was healed with love and light! A gentle warmth flowed through me while I now saw my light body from above.
The image we got of the woman feeling harassed and dethroned by me made sense, she has hated me on and off through many lifetimes and has always wanted to keep me away from the man I love and who loves me. Now we could finally find a way to make peace. I am grateful for that.
They said that my way was the right one, that felt so good. Monique reopened my chakras and made them shine, I got a flower of life placed on my stomach, an incredible gift.
Up there was pure love, understanding and light, freedom and self-determination over my health. I wanted healing and I received it in a loving and gentle way.
Before we left I didn’t think my gut would take it, I had a gurgling and thought I had to go to the bathroom all the time! When we came back down, the gastrointestinal thing was history. I was starving. For the first time in a week! My shoulder feels like it’s sore, I can feel someone has been working there. My gland has shrunk from the size of an apricot to the size of a hazelnut.
Dear Monique, this trip is one of the most impressive experiences in this life. I will keep the pictures and impressions with me forever.
Love to you, good-hearted, thank you for the healing journey and for accompanying me!

Franziska, Switzerland

Testimonial Kata

Dear Monique
It was wonderful! I loved the whole journey how you got me there. It was so beautiful, special. It was very intense, you were really there, especially at the portal, Stargate.
I felt like the only person that came up to me was Ashtar. I never felt connected to Ashtar. I feel more connected to Lady Nada, Sananda. It definitely was him.
Before the healing started he was there and wanted to welcome us. He was so glad we were there. His presence was so strong. That’s why I couldn’t feel the others. It was his presence. There was this overwhelming joy about the meeting. That was stronger, it was really deep. Like a long-awaited meeting. So when you said we’re going back and we said goodbye and they looked smaller and smaller it brought tears to my eyes. I don’t want to be on Gaia. I wanted to stay there.
I think my healing had to be there, I had to feel them again, all my feelings, I miss them so much, subconsciously. My healing was that meeting, not just the MedBed. The meeting with the beings of light. I couldn’t see her clearly. I felt her. They had beautiful energies, so gentle, so beautiful the way they touched me. With that touch, it reminded me how much I missed them, but also that they are there. It’s much brighter up there. Everything is easier. When you come back you feel this density. It’s terrible. Maybe that’s where I needed to go so I could go through life and continue with my mission.
I think they knew I needed strength.
You guided me with your message. It was really important. So they could contact me through you. You see that I have no more energy. I want to go my journey, my mission to the end. I have no more energy. So it was really important, they gave me energy and strength back. It was good, beautiful, amazing but also sad because you have to come back. No question, we’re going back.
The work you are doing now is really important. To give this to other Lightworkers. I know I still have a lot to do. We’re all stuck in the house. It is so important that they can connect with us in this way.
Since everyone has their baggage, the connection to the galactics is less strong. It’s like the engine stopped. Going nowhere That’s the feeling.
Maybe it’s the incoming energies that are really strong. When they are so strong, we are always tired.
Maybe they want me to take a break to save energy. I know everything will be fine.
I feel much better. I can feel it.

Köszönöm, Kata!

Testimonial Agnes

Dear Monique!
The healing was very very good! Deep and transforming.
I remember when you said we were going upward, to the healing place, I could see that we were leaving the planet and I was in a see-through tunnel, and felt my guides were with me, and also some divine beings assisting me in this healing in particular.
And we entered this huge platform, a see through half sphere, all the med-beds were on the flat part, on the “floor”, and above us the ceiling was half sphere, see through so I could see the sky being very blue and bright, sometimes beautiful white clouds were passing and everything was very clean. Not only neat, but the air, the vibes were so clean, medical clean, I never experienced such cleanness before.
When you were guiding the healing, I could feel tickling, and waves of energies around my body. And what you said, that my second chakra is not that open, and my heart is very open, and my 7th chakra is also open, I felt the same. I was glad my throat chakra was not that bad 😀
When they were scanning me, it was more that I knew they were scanning, but did not feel it physically, there were waves of energies here again.
I could really strongly feel when they were healing my pancreas! Even after the session.
It is a good idea, if someone is having this healing session to have time afterwards, and be able to stay in peace, laying for an hour or so (but I would say at least a half an hour) because the healing does not end when we say goodbye to you Monique, the energies were very high after the session too.
The next day I could still feel that clearing and healing was happening.

Agnes, Hungary

Testimonial Caprice

My Med Bed Session with Monique was quite extraordinary. It started out with me having really bad jaw and ear pain that morning, and with the help of Monique and my visitors, it was healed and I began to receive much comfort in that area. 

But what was extraordinary about my session was how Monique connected with so many things and how she communicated to them. She helped me with the grief I had with my baby and I’m forever grateful 🥲 my heart feels whole again. I would highly recommend a session with Monique.